Sensor Starter Kit

a composite picture of the sensors included within the Care Direct sensor starter kit

Sensor Starter Kit

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Product details

Our home sensors work to give a better picture of what’s happening in the background of the home. What’s the temperature? Did they leave the back door open? Have they made a cup of tea yet today? Discreet and easily fitted with no drilling or wiring required, our sensors combine and send data to the carer’s Care Direct mobile app at regular intervals, displayed in a simple information feed. Notifications are only sent when critical events take place. Currently our available sensors include smart plugs, door opening/closing monitors, temperature and humidity sensors and motion detection, for everyone’s peace of mind. They can be bought as a starter set, as below, or individually, making them easy to tailor to individual homes. 

Requirements The sensors require our inclusive Android/iOS mobile app for monitoring plus our subscription service, one Sensor Gateway and at least one sensor per household to function. The Gateway can be plugged into a home broadband router using the supplied cable, or it can connect to a Wi-Fi network. It can also operate through 4G using a Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (available separately from mobile phone providers). The Sensor Gateway is mains powered but the sensors themselves are battery operated. All sensors come with batteries included and alert the app user when these need replacing. 

For this bundle alone, Tier 1 would be the correct subscription, as there's one device (the sensor gateway) which falls into the Tier structure. If in future you choose to add additional sensors, there would be no increase to your subscription charge, but adding other additional products e.g. a wearable would take your subscription charge into Tier 2.

The Sensor Starter Kit includes:

  • Sensor Gateway (required whenever one or more sensors is purchased. One gateway will power all sensors for one user.)
  • Door / window sensor
  • Motion sensor (PIR)
  • Air (temperature / humidity) sensor
  • Smart plug (electrical sensor)


Please see individual product pages for technical specifications of each item. To learn more about the company, click here

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