Fair Usage Policy

Care Direct Fair Usage Policy 

Please read this usage policy ("policy", “FUP”) carefully before using CareDirect Technology products and services website (“website”, "service") operated by Care Direct Technology Limited ("us", 'we", "our").

Services provided by us may only be used for lawful purposes. You agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in connection with your use of the services. Any material or conduct that in our judgment violates this policy in any manner may result in suspension or termination of the services or removal of the user’s account with or without notice.

Our devices which required Data

Our Smart Watch and Personal Alarm devices (“wearables”) both use an internal SIM card for two-way data, SMS*, and voice calls. Please visit the website for further information regarding our Wearables.  Wearables

*SMS is available with the Personal Alarm only.

Our Personal Alarm allows the user to place outgoing phone calls to up to 9 contact numbers configured through the CareDirect app, but this provision is intended only for use in emergency situations or where urgent help is needed. If you have purchased this device and/or the SmartWatch, it will come with a 12 month included data plan which will allow you to use these devices freely. Please refer to the section below headed “Mobile Data Usage” for further information regarding allowances and additional charges if applicable.

These devices are not provided for use in other ways in which mobile or landline telephones are used. They are not to be used for social reasons. The Data plan is managed across the data period and is to be used only for its intended purpose.

We reserve the right to alter the data allowance and cost as well as charge additional fees if the Fair Usage Policy and Term of Use policy are not followed and excessive use has been noted.

Prohibited use

You may not use the services to publish content, sell, revise technology or engage in activity that is illegal under applicable law, that is harmful to others, or that would subject us to liability, including, without limitation, in connection with any of the following, each of which is prohibited under this FUP:

  • Phishing or engaging in identity theft. This included breaching of GDPR regulations
  • Distributing computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other malicious code
  • Engaging in pornography or adult related content or offering any escort services
  • Promoting or facilitating violence or terrorist activities
  • Infringing the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of others


Your services may be suspended or terminated with or without notice upon any violation of this policy. Any violations may result in the immediate suspension or termination of your account. We reserve the right to notify you when reaching your data limit. Charges may apply.

Reporting violations

To report a violation of this policy, please contact us at support@caredirect.tech

We reserve the right to change this policy at any given time, of which you will be promptly updated. If you want to make sure that you are up to date with the latest changes, we advise you to frequently visit this page.

Mobile data usage

Care Directs Smart Watch and Personal alarm require data subscriptions in the form of a SIM CARD. 1st-year data subscription costs are included with your initial purchase. Please note, you MUST have a data subscription for the SmartWatch and Personal Alarm to work.

SIM CARD DATA (SCD) is a renewable, yearly subscription*.

Year 1                                INCLUDED

Year 2 onwards               £45* per year. Payable in 1 payment. This payment will need to be submitted by you prior to the initial data period expiring.  To note, monthly payments are not available at present for the SCD. You will be required to pay the ongoing yearly subscription once you receive the reminder details. To reiterate the products DO NOT work without a Data SIM**,

*Data plan costs may vary, and you will be given notice should an increase or decrease in price be applied. We aim to give 30 days’ notice.

**Should you decide to purchase your own Data SIM from year 2 you will responsible for all charges incurred with that agreement. Care Direct will not be liable for any payments or contracts taken out by you “the user”. You will need to reset your Watch or Personal Alarm should you choose to change the SIM provider.  You will lose all information should your wearable be reset. Any damage or breakage due to the changing of SIM is not covered by Care Direct as we do not recommend changing SIM.

Care Direct SIM cards use the “1p Mobile” and work across EE’s mobile 3, 4, and 5g networks giving great coverage in the UK. Please note both devices do not work with WIFI. Year 1 Data is inclusive of your product purchase. The SIM Data is nontransferrable and is not refundable.

Mobile data usage WORLDWIDE

Our inclusive SIM Card Data is for use within the United Kingdom only.

International restrictions and charges will be applied to your account should any additional charges be incurred whilst out of the UK. International roaming charges will vary significantly Worldwide. By purchasing our wearable, you do agree to make payments to cover all charges incurred.

The United Kingdom will not be included within the EU or the EEA from 31st December 2020. European roaming charges will be the same as International charges from 1st January 2021.

Excess data charges

Should you use more Data than has been provided within your yearly subscription, you will be required to add a “Top Up” amount. The top-up amounts start at £10 and may vary and will enable you to continue to use your Wearable. You will need to make payment to enable the Top Up to be completed and added to your account.