About Us

Care Direct Technology is a specialist assistive technology company based in Cardiff, South Wales. We have created a unique suite of products designed to help people stay independent at home, and to reduce worry for their families. The user can raise an alarm through our devices which will immediately notify you that they require assistance - not a telecare company or emergency services - so that you can be the first to know there's a problem and help them. Alternatively, you can use our solution to 'check-in' remotely without disturbing them, regardless of how far away you are.*

All-in-One Solution
Care Direct is the only home care technology solution that allows users to mix-and-match the products they need and get all the information sent to one app. Family members or carers simply install our app onto their Apple or Android device and watch the data roll into the Activity feed. Our real-time information means you will know exactly what time Mum left the house, when she boiled the kettle or if she isn't up yet today, just by checking your phone. If she has a fall, you'll be the first to know.

Our sensors detect changes in movement around the home, temperature and humidity, when a door is opened or closed, or when an electrical item is used, with no interaction needed from the homeowner. You can set alerts based on your loved one's daily routine to let you know if something out of the ordinary has happened and even remotely switch off devices that have been left on. The smart homes revolution has begun!

Our wearables can be used inside or outside the home, anywhere where you would get mobile signal. Available as a watch or personal alarm the size of a car key, our wearables both feature automatic fall detection and SOS buttons. The alarm can show you exactly where on a map the carrier is, and send you a notification if they leave a pre-set area. It works like a one-button mobile phone. The watch also features a step counter, heart rate and medication reminders.

Our smart hub is the next generation in voice-activated care. Users can call for help, make video calls, send texts, play the radio, dictate shopping lists and more using just their voice. Great for those who find buttons fiddly!

Unlike other companies, our indoor cameras aren't streaming all the time. Security and privacy are important to us so we've developed proprietary technology to ensure they cannot be hacked and only come to life when they're needed. They are only accessible by pre-approved viewers so you know your loved one's environment is safe.

You can buy Care Direct products individually or in kits. They are used in conjunction with a monthly subscription, with costs based on the number of devices used.

Care Direct Technology's software is built and tested in the UK by leading software specialists in consultation with health and social care professionals, including doctors, occupational therapists, and scientists at the Assistive Technologies Innovation Centre (ATiC) in Swansea.  It's designed for use in domestic dwellings, care homes, by domiciliary care agencies, in assisted living facilities, hospice services, housing associations and anywhere else people live. It works with a Wi-Fi, Ethernet or a 4G connection. If you are in the social care profession, please contact us at sales@caredirect.tech for more information on our management platform and pricing.

*Care Direct Technology uses the internet to send notifications to your phone. To stay updated, you and your loved one must both have a Wi-Fi, Ethernet or a 4G connection. Care Direct products are supplied with the intent that they will be used in the United Kingdom. Please contact us on support@caredirect.tech to request information on how we can help you in other geographical locations. Without a valid subscription, Care Direct products will not work as intended.