About Us

Care Direct Technology is a company based in Cardiff, South Wales. We have created a suite of technology-based products designed to help carers provide a better service to those needing their assistance.

All-in-One Solution
Care Direct is the ONLY all-in-one solution that uses cutting edge technology to remotely and passively monitor service users to retain independence, reduce loneliness and provide a high level of care for those who need a little extra support around the home.

Our system has been developed for users, carers and family members to remain in contact with loved ones at all times.

Passive Monitoring
The Care Direct solution is aimed at passive monitoring of elderly and vulnerable people in their own homes or assisted living facilities.

Care Direct’s technology monitors behavioural patterns, building a profile of daily routines in order to detect events that are out of the of the ordinary and notify family and carers immediately.

Smart Dashboard
Care professionals can easily manage high volumes of alerts with the system’s dashboard, whilst providing family members with peace of mind.

Our dashboard can be used by telecare companies, housing associations or in a smaller setting, such as a residential care home. See real-time data from our products in easy-to-read graphs, run reports and be alerted immediately when an incident occurs. You can make direct contact in the click of a button! For volume orders, please send an email to sales@caredirect.tech and we will create a bespoke quote tailored for your needs.

Built and tested in the UK by leading software specialists in consultation with health and social care professionals, including scientists at the Assistive Technologies Innovation Centre (ATiC) in Swansea. 

Designed for use in care homes, domiciliary care, assisted living facilities, hospice services, housing associations and private homes. Works with a Wi-Fi, Ethernet or a 4G connection.